This Summer, Gold Takes Center Stage

Feeling the warm breeze already? Summer is here!

What better way to kick up the sunshine season than with a set of jewelry that match the bright and carefree vibes of summer…I’m talking about gold jewelry!

Gold jewelry are the perfect summer accessories for a few reasons…

First the warm glow of gold complements that summer tan we all love - it just pops against the color of sun-kissed skin, creating a classy and chic vibe. Second, it’s versatile. It can dress up a casual ‘fit and add some sparkle to a dressier look. 

Gold chains

Gold chains come in all styles and sizes, from dainty and delicate to chunky and statement-looking chains. You can wear and style gold chains in different ways. Whether you prefer a minimalist vibe or a more bold look, you can always find a piece that would go with your style.

Mix and match chain with different size, lengths and style to create your own unique vibe.

Gold hoops

Whether you’re in a your jeans and tee, a sundress, or a swimsuit, gold hoops will definitely elevate your look, so you should also have gold hoops included in your summer jewelry set. Go for large hoops if you’re looking for a bold look and smaller ones for a more subtle touch. 

Gold bangles

Just like chains, you can also mix and match bangles of different sizes and textures. There’s no wrong way to do it so style your heart out! :)

If you’re still trying to decide whether to go for gold this season, the answer is do it! Gold jewelry is versatile, stylish and has the perfect warm tone for summer. Wear your gold, pair it with your most confident smile and you will feel like a total babe all summer long! :)