Tennis is more than a sport…it’s a lifeSTYLE.

The best things stand the test of time, but they can use a little revamp to stay current. 
We witnessed the start of the familiar term tennis when referring to a line of diamonds when during the 1987 US Open, Chrissy Everett’s diamond bracelet fell off during her match. This spawned the life of the tennis bracelet and of course matching necklace as we know it.

Then however it was more common to see graduated tennis necklaces.  A look of the past, a great look for generations but with the graduation design it just seems so fancy and for many, out of reach.

Now, we can happily open up the style file and each person can create their own tennis game. 
From half necklaces (diamonds in the front only), to smaller stones, colored stones, fancy shapes, we get layers galore!

You name it, you try it, I can assure you it will look FABULOUS. 

Mix your metals, sizes, shapes and colors…

The concept of “too much” does NOT equal too much. Three looks even more casual than one. Browse through some of our favorite looks and let us help you build your collection.