The path to refreshing your most prized possessions

Whether its taking old broken or mismatched pieces you want to cash in on, or that diamond broach or gold watch you don't reach to wear anymore, revamping and buying gold, silver, platinum or diamonds are some of our favorite things to do. 

I am a sentimental person yet I understand that styles and times change and hate to see things being unloved.  So during quarantine, I went through my own jewelry box and sold a lot of old and mismatched things I just wasn't loving anymore. I was surprised to see how much money I got for it with gold being so high. Then I reached for an old emerald necklace my mother in law gave me. 

This Emerald pendant my mother in law gave me came with a lot of sentiment. It had been gifted it by her mom when her second son, my husband was born, and she gifted it to me when my second son was born. I couldn't wear it in the setting it was in. It was a style not mine, but the Emerald was just needed a little  revamp.

I took a close look at the shape and size and decided I wanted a ring. I had my jeweler hand carve a wax that was to my specifications and we cast the wax in Rose gold. Then my jeweler set the emerald safely and securely into the setting and polished it perfectly. Now I have a ring I wear all the time!!

Here is what you can expect when you send us your special pieces. 

First we take a look at the size, shape and quality of the diamonds or stones in the piece and weigh it.  Sometimes there is a way to easily alter a piece into something new for a little refresh.

Whether it's giving it a new polish, removing some prongs, or repositioning it on a chain or a ring; it can be that simple!!!

When that's not something we want to do, we can remove all the stones, clean them, separate any that may be chipped or broken and then we get into the design process.

We sketch out a concept for you, either by hand or by computer, using the parameters of the stones you have and the details that you desire. Once that is complete we proceed to the next step with your approval. The model we have designed is then made into a wax which is then cast into our preference of metal, any type of gold or platinum.

Once that is complete our master jewelers complete the piece with the care, expertise and finishing touches we expect on every piece we create.

Then the final and best part, the delivery!!! We love seeing happy faces with newly revamped jewels!!

The remaining gold or platinum is then weighed and you are given either cash or a credit, whichever you prefer.

Don't let the jewels in your jewel box sit unloved, cash in or revamp today!!

Contact us with pictures of your goodies today and we can show you how we can help!!